You really understand separation?

Did you ever try to explain separation to your employees or students? Well, try no more: Lee Polite did it for you in a way which is hard to beat. We will open up one example of his whiteboard class. Click this link to watch the video. To see more, you can register here. Students can access free for one month.

New Magazine: The Spectroscopist

The inaugural issue of The Spectroscopist features a veritable galaxy of stellar scientists:

Guest Editor Ramon Barnes kicks things off with a thoughtful Editorial, outlining the impact of plasma spectroscopy on science, medicine, commerce and more.

The Upfront section covers everything from LIBS in landfill to water on the moon, while In My View features strong words on the decline of science from Kay Niemax, a plea to protect cross border science from Vince Palleschi and support for the first Latin American LIBS symposium from Citlali Sánchez-Aké.

Our feature focuses on the Stars of Plasma Spectroscopy, as supergiants and bright young sparks alike reflect on personal highlights, review crucial milestones, and predict where the field is – or should be – heading.

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