The importance of proteomics

Albert Heck and his team produced an inspiring video on the importance of the proteome, the research on proteomics and the impact on understanding the processes in our body and influences on health and medicine. Click this link to watch the video.

Free: Quant and Instrumental Analysis

Chris Harrison is one of the professors contributing to Chromedia's Flipped Classroom Team, along with Mary Kate Donais, Jared Baker and David Harvey. They have been developing digital course materials to assist in teaching and flipping their university analytical chemistry courses. One facet of this has been the recording of short flipped lectures, the key materials for students in analytical chemistry. The lectures that Chris and Mary Kate have developed for the analytical chemistry (quant) and Instrumental Analysis courses are now available on Chromedia - free for an unlimited period! - for you to use in guiding, building, or supplementing your digital education program. Access The Flipped Classroom.
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