How to use Chromedia

First: wander around Chromedia:

  • As you would leaf through a book and read its table of contents, we advise to tour Chromedia and get a first impression
  • Then dive in for an hour. This will facilitate efficient use later on

As a problem solving tool:

  • Start at the troubleshooting topic
  • Navigate for more detail to the specific item in a Topic Circle
  • Use the search option
  • Ask a Chromedia expert, author or Topic Owner by mail.

For quick lookup:

  • Navigate to the specific Topic Circle
  • Use the search option

As a teaching and training tool:

  • 'Accomodating'. Users roam freely. This is advised for users with a certain basic knowledge, e.g. PhD students.
  • 'Converging'. Employees have a competence list with the demanded chapters.
  • 'Assimilating'. Students have a topic list, covering a specific class. Tutors provide a Word file with selected links containing the necessary chapters, topics and tutorials.
  • 'Inspiring, diverging'. Teachers and trainers show tutorials, animations and provide the links during courses and class. Students will lookup later with individual access.
  • 'Converging'. As a reliable source for examens, reports and theses.

Learning with Chromedia: 

  1. 'Feel' Chromedia
  2. 'Watch' a tutorial
  3. 'Think' understanding examples, memorize practical details 
  4. 'Experiment'. Hands-on: animations and live application in an experiment during a course or in the working environment.

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