Electrochemistry (Video)

An introduction to electrochemistry, electroanalytical methods, and voltammetry.

Exercises Electrochemistry/Voltammetry and Chromatography basics

Electrochemistry/Voltammetry and Chromatography basics

1) Draw a labelled picture of an electrochemical cell being sure to indicate: cathode, anode, salt bridge, location of oxidation reaction, location of reduction reaction, direction of electrons

2) What is voltammetry? Describe how cyclic voltammetry and stripping voltammetry work.

3) Describe how column chromatography works. Your description should include the following terms:

- Stationary phase
- Mobile phase
- Elution
- Partition coefficient/partition ratio/distribution constant (all mean the same thing!)
- Retention time

4) Explain what each of the following terms means. Provide an equation that can be used to calculate this quantity from a chromatogram and define all values in the equation.

a) Retention factor, kA
b) Selectivity factor, α
c) Plate count, N and plate height, H
d) Resolution, Rs

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