Infrared Spectrometry

Infrared Spectrometry

Infrared Spectrometry (Video)

Describes the theory and instrumentation specific to infrared spectroscopy. Different IR techniques are presented such as photoacoustic and near-IR.

Exercises IR Spectroscopy

IR Spectroscopy

1) List the various types of IR spectroscopy by wavelength and wavenumber range. Indicate what types of molecules each is most effective at characterizing. What is the most commonly used wavenumber range/type of IR spectroscopy? What process must a molecule undergo to absorb IR radiation?

2) Although many IR instruments produced today are FT systems, other types are also used in many laboratories and research settings. What are some of these other types? Compare and contrast types of IR instruments in regards to instrument design and applications.

3) Find a quantitative application of IR online. Provide the reference. Summarize it here.
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