The gas system

Abstract The problems encountered in the gas system, the components of the carrier gas system, tubing, connectors, and detectors are listed and discussed in detail.


The design of the entire gas system is similar for all GC apparatus. The parts of the system are either directly connected or by means of a length of tubing between the components.

More details on the gas sytem can be found in the chapter on the gas system.


The common problems encountered in the gas system are listed below. Gas problems in the injector, in the detector or in the column will be dealt with in other chapters.


Parts and problems of the gas system
Parts of the gas system

Problems of the gas system

Gas cylinder or gas generator Gas supply: amount and storage
Gas mains, compounds and connections Leaks
Pressure regulator, flow control Contamination
Pressure gauge Pressure control
Filters Contamination
Injector Leaks
Detector Wrong flow settings

Detector gas systems are, with the exception of the injector and the column, comparable to carrier gas systems. There is a direct connection between flow controller/pressure regulator and the detector.

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