GC basics course

Abstract This short course provides newcomers with all the necessary links to understand the GC basics.


New to Chromatography?

The chapters in the left blue column of this Topic Circle will help you to understand the neccessary points to work with chromatography.  We advise to start with the video short courses called 'Introduction to GC'.

List of subjects with links
We also prepared a short e-course for new employees, sales representatives of instrument companies and students. After this course you understand the essentials of separation science with Gas Chromatography. To make life easy for teachers and lab managers, we have listed these tutorials in a file with links that click straight to the desired chapters. The Word file allows you to make changes so you can make your own version.

Subscribers that have succesfully completed the course can apply for a Chromedia printable certificate, signed by Harold McNair. For more info, mail us.

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