The Van Deemter equation

Abstract The efficiency of a column is measured by theoretical plates, Nth, and can be normalized with the length of the column to give the height equivalent theoretical plate, called HETP or H. The Van Deemter equation describes the various factors influencing H, and is divided into eddy diffusion, longitudinal diffusion, and mass transfer terms. The relative importance of these factors varies with mobile phase velocity. Particle size and morphology contribute to H, along with a variety of other factors. Understanding the van Deemter equation allows the determination of the optimum mobile phase velocity.

KeywordsVan Deemter equation, A term, B term, C term, Mobile phase velocity, Column, Particle size, Efficiency, Height equivalent theoretical plate, HETP (H), Eddy diffusion, Longitudinal diffusion, Mass transfer, Particle shape, Wall effect, Porosity, Diffusion coefficient, Retention factor, Viscosity, Temperature, Optimal flow


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