Downloading the generator

Abstract 'Learning by doing'
is the best way to understand chromatographic behavior. This tool - Version 2, released December 2010 - allows you to play with relevant parameters and show to how these parameters influence your result. A time saver for all chromatographers, students and experts.

'Show and tell' lessons
Jeroen Billen prepared a series of video examples and exercises (listed on the left of this page), that help you to understand the influence of the parameters on your resolution and peak behavior.

This is lesson 1 in a series of 4.
In this video the chromatogram generator is presented, a tool that provides a virtual HPLC system on your desktop. Through a series of undemanding exercises, the viewer is given insight in the influence of variables such as pressure drop over the column, column length and the size the particle size, on the speed and efficiency of a chromatographic separation.


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